Friday, 22 July 2016

Magazine Anything & Everything: May 2015 (Mother's Special)

Anything & Everything: May 2015

Let me tell you people about the May issue of our magazine. This edition of our magazine is dedicated to all the mothers out there! Yes folks this is a Mothers special edition. Hence, there are a lot of stuffs related to the various aspects of the life of a mother. A lot of interesting reads are available to our readers, ranging from various articles highlighting the selfless love and affection that a mother showers on her child to the role and responsibilities of a child towards this noble character called mother; from facts about mother’s priceless possession i.e., her child to some useful tips on how to become obedient to one’s parents; from technical gadgets for mothers to interesting news stuffs, to name a few. And yeah, besides all this as well as our usual sections, namely, the upcoming games section, the let us electronics section, the foodie’s corner, etc., some other exciting technological stuffs like “smart watch comparison” and “hack wifi” have also been included.

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