Friday, 30 June 2017

Conventional Tips: How to Get a Job Fast

This is something I always wanted to share but never got a chance to share my experience on how to get a job real quick especially in the IT field but this article can also work for all field if implemented exactly what I am going to write. So let's get started.

First things first you will have to choose a city you are most interested for the job. So I am assuming a city for this article is Bangalore. And I am also assuming a field like games development. 

Now I have a city in my mind that is Bangalore and I have to get a job in Games Company. And this was easy and first step. Now without wasting time let's move on the second step. 

In the second step you will have to make a full-fledged portfolio. It might be hard copy or soft copy like a website or blog. If you have no idea what the hell is portfolio then take a look on my portfolio and blog and get some idea from it. 


Honestly you do not need both you can make either a website or a blog, I did it because I love the things I do and you also do not need to spend money to get domain name and hosting for your portfolio. Google blogger will do it for you. This is the most important step and yes its bit difficult to implement if you did not have it already. 

This might be your first step if you did not have it already, go and make one first. 

After making full portfolio or blog go to LinkedIn and update your profile and fill all the information including the skills and projects. Two fields are optional that is publications and honors & awards, but if you have then you can also update this.

If you are from non-IT fields and do not require a portfolio you can skip making portfolio but  still you need to update your LinkedIn profile to move on next step. 

Now you want a job in Bangalore in a Games development and you have full fledge portfolio with updated LinkedIn profile. 

If you are a fresher you still need a portfolio and updated LinkedIn profile. 

Now move to 3rd step in this step you need a good resume. In your resume you need to mention your academic profile technical skill and area of interest. These three things are very important for your resume. If you are not a fresher you need to mention your company details you are currently working and if you have achievements then do not forget to mention it on your resume. Other things are optional like the hobbies or strength etc. 

If you want to get some idea take a look on my resume:

Resume Link:

Now you have all the things which is required to move on next step. 

In this you need to know what companies you are looking for the job. So, you have to make a list of games which company in Bangalore.

Search on Google and LinkedIn and then make a list of companies at least 25 to 30. Go to their website and write down emails of HR which is mentioned on the contact us page join us page or it might be on career page. Write down all email ids on a piece of paper. 

Now you have to send an email one by one remember do not forward the email just compose a new email and attach your resume then write a cover letter in the body section of the email also put the subject line as <Your Name> Resume. Cover letter is very important 

Cover letter is the summary of your resume see below for example.



I am pleased to present my resume. I believe that I can tackle my assigned job very efficiently & effectively.                   

I hold Post Graduate Diploma in Game Development from ICAT, Bangalore, I also done 3 year Diploma and 3 year Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science.  

Please find attachment for Resume and also check my portfolio:

Primarily I am a Game Developer, but also worked on web development. I have 2 year and 3 months experience as Game Developer. Currently, I am working at CompanyName since August, 2016 to till date. CompanyName is Bangalore based company, expertise in Gesture-Reactive, Virtual Reality, Physical Computing, IoT and Augmented Reality contents. I have good knowledge in Unity3D Game Engine, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign etc. Also worked on PHP, HTML, CSS3, MySQL Contents. I keep myself educated on current trends and proven tactics, always searching for ways to do what we do better than before. I pride myself on friendly service and a quick turnaround, key ingredients to an efficient process.

Yours Sincerely,

Mohd. Jamshaid Alam

Contact No. +91-8050749504




Do not think about the company that whether the company has opening or not just send them and wait. You will definitely get call for Interview. It’s all done. I hope you enjoyed. Thank You.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Why I Quit Social Media year ago?

On July 2016 I quit using social media mainly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but I still doing things like watching YouTube videos and reading emails etc. The people demonized social media and applaud anyone who quit social media and some people says social media is amazing and quitting is the stupid. This article is not trying to convince you that social media is only a devil and you should quit. This article is a reflection of my own life.

In this article I am going to speak about three things.

1) Why I Quit?

2) What I learned?

3) How I'm going to use social media now?

1. Why I quit?

The main reason behind it I was compulsively checking social media and wasting lots of time on it. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I did to rollover all my social media accounts. Anytime I was bored and in awkward situation I pull up my phone and scroll through social media. Instead of doing activity that I deeply enjoyed and created value for me I took the easier way just to scroll the social media. I felt like I was not accomplishing very much in my life. Now I know some of you are thinking "why don't you just control yourself". Whenever someone quit social media, there is always outcry for people who just say why just don't you control how you use it? It's not that easy you are thinking let me explain why?

Social media is design to be addictive. The creator of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram wants you to stay on their app as long as possible. They spent millions of dollars into researching how to make people addictive and how they better craft their apps so that people stay on their apps and used them as long as possible.

A book by Nicholas Carr, titled "The Shallows". This Book is essentially about how Internet is affecting our ability to focus, think and learn deeply. Just think why twitter allows only 140 chars? According to scientists most human can think thoughts that are 140 characters long and they thinks moment are only as good as they looks on Instagram. Scientists also explains "it's hard to change after a certain age" yes it's hard but not impossible.

Our brain loves to learn and learns to love. Every time we refresh the page there are newer information which rewards our brain with more dopamine.

Now what is Dopamine?

Wiki says: In the brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter—a chemical released by neurons (nerve cells) to send signals to other nerve cells. The brain includes several distinct dopamine pathways, one of which plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior.

Because of dopamine we keep using social media for the long period of time.

In the end all I am saying while there are ways to control our social media usage we should also remember that social media is designed to be addictive.

2. What I learned?

First thing I could learn the more deeply and create more things. I begin creating my own games now I can play games in a free time and I can write articles like I always wanted to do it. I wanted to learn more and create more games and quitting social media provided me distraction free environment to do these things. I become more productive because I did not have notifications which distracted me all the time. Now I stay in my own room and begin to find out more about myself. I felt less influence about what everyone else might think about me.

Second thing I learned that I won't miss out anything while quitting social media. Everyone has a fear of missing out if they quit social media they think they will be out of the loop. But the truth is the only things you will be missing out are Memes, Gossip and Pop Culture news. The things that are completely useless for my life or anyone's life. Out of 100 dumb or meaningless post only 1 post is useful which is not worth it.

Third thing I learned that social media give rises to lots of fake relationship. I felt like I will lost lots of the superficial relationship while quitting social media. It's weird because in social media we feel like we are still connected we used to know. We like each other photos and see each other photos and think we are still knows each other. But the truth is so many years have passed then that time, we are different people now, we don't see all the experience that happens behind the scene we don't really knows each other anymore.

Lastly, I found myself happier, I no longer surrounded with fake things that really doesn't matter for me.

3. How I'm going to use social media now?

My goal now is to use social media deliberately and on my own terms. I tried not to sucked into highlight real and all negative aspects.

- I usually turn off all notifications so I'm not constantly being distracted.

- I only browse and post with intentions.

- I usually don't check social media while I'm out.

- I don't follow people who post useless information

- I don't respond to the post which is useless for me

- I only follow people who add value to me or my channel or make me happy to see their post.

And I started YouTube channel of games that I always wanted to do it, and to just promote my channel I again created Instagram and twitter for some meaningful post. I created YouTube channel "CykoGames" for the people who love gaming.

What are Your Thoughts on Social Media? Would You Ever Quit?

Monday, 19 June 2017

Need for Speed Mountain Bus (Android/iOS)

Do you love playing driving simulation games? Do you like buses? If yes, then Mountain Drive is a bus simulator game that you will love.

Mountain Drive is a thrilling bus driving game that you can play for free where you drive a bus through some hills to get to the finishing line.

Features of the drive simulation game are:
• Multilingual – There are various languages that you can select from while starting the driving game. These include English, French, Italian German, Portuguese and Spanish.
• Pick from two views using the camera icon- Driver View or Top View.
• Switch on the headlights as the landscape gets dark or when it starts raining by using the torch icon. There are three different positions that you can give to the headlights.
• Go to the Garage and buy a new bus for better speed, acceleration and handling.
• Earn coins by completing routes with drive simulation
• Use the settings panel to change sound and controls location
• Pause the game in the middle or restart the route at any time
• Engaging and dynamic graphics that will keep you hooked
• Smooth gameplay with challenges and difficulties as you move up in the bus drive game
• Change the bus gear to move the bus backward when required
• Challenging routes with HD graphics. Mountain driving skills with this bus simulator game

The premise of the bus simulator games is simple – You have various controls that you can use to drive the bus and get it to the finish line before the gas runs out. There is a steering wheel that you can use to control and steer the bus. There’s a small accelerator on the side that you have to hold continuously in order to proper the bus forward and there is a button right next to it to stop the bus. The game ends if you run out of gas or if the bus is severely damaged and not able to move.

There are various levels of the steering wheel game and as you finish a route you automatically unlock the next one. If you complete a route then you also earn coins that you can use to buy a new bus from the garage. Play now bus driving simulator game Mountain Drive its FREE!!

This game is family supported game where KIDS, Mixed Audience, Youngsters, Old Aged, Female audience and all can enjoy this game.


YouTube Video

Monday, 1 May 2017

Quotex (Android/iOS)

Pair all Tiles, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. Easy to play, and pleasurable game for all ages. Its Endless, but if you want to challenge yourself, play Timer mode or Taps Mode, but be careful its race against Clock and Taps.


Game Modes

• Endless Mode - No Time Limits
• Timer Mode - Obviously its Race against Clock
• Taps Mode - Limited Taps


• Endless Mode - 80 Levels
• Timer Mode - 80 Levels
• Taps Mode - 80 Levels
Puzzles are unique and full of fun and amazing challenges!


• 20 Custom Achievements

Quotex Card

• 240 Quotex Card - This is new in any game. This is something you will love it.

- Easy to learn. Play Level 1 for Tutorial.

- You can play offline in anytime.

- Designed for tablets & phones.
- Support both ARM & x86 DEVICES.

Bangalore Metro Train (Android/iOS)

Start experience Bangalore metro train virtually with real experience, environments, stations, and many more! Your job is to pick up passengers from one station to other stations on time. Real voice overs and real trains, stations, buildings makes you to feel like you are exactly conducting Bangalore Metro train virtually. Train fans can now enjoy super metro train simulator with Bangalore environment. This also determine to show your skills by driving this train with full of joy and thrill with a real ride! Start the engine and run this train like a bullet. Are you ready to become legendary driver? Where you need to unlock all lower badges namely veteran driver, rookie driver, perfectionist driver, master driver. Download Now for Free and start share with your friends as well. Subway simulator also implemented where you can pass through the real train underground which designed exactly like how it is in Bangalore.

Control the speed of the train by accelerating and keep eye on maximum speed while conducting metro train, Incase if you cross the maximum speed then there might be a chance of revoke your driving license which cause game over! Press and hold on the brake to stop the train right at the station and each station has got limited time to board and de board the passengers and hence you need to very careful with the timings. There are 2 lines namely Green Line and Purple line where journey starts from Nagasandra to Puttenhalli and Mysore Road to Bayappanahalli respectively, select different trains and route to get start. You will also be having different view like driver view, top view, etc where you can switch during the game play. You can also swipe the screen left to right in order to see the real buildings surrounding you.

This game can be played by all family members where this game is family supported game, Kids, Youngsters, old age people can also play this train simulator game.

🚆Good Luck!


🚆Real trains, real environment, real stations
🚆Real voice over, real buildings of Bangalore
🚆Pick and Drop services
🚆Easy to handle
🚆Real controls and user friendly
🚆3D view from the cab
🚆Well-designed railway tracks and environments
🚆Stunning sound effects
🚆Amazing scene and environment
🚆Real animated people
🚆Opportunity to become real subway engine driver
🚆Great dynamic game play
🚆Excellent game for train fans, train lovers

Recommended Requirements for excellent user experience.

1GB Ram | Andriod 4.0+ | Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU | OpenGLES 2.0 for crystal clear graphics

Romantic VR: Find My Heart (Android)

A Romantic VR game which allows you to Impress your GF/BF, In this game you have to find his/her Heart. This game is a virtual reality game for Google Cardboard or other VR Device.

Use this Game on your BF/GF Birthday to Impress him/her.
Use this Game on Valentine Day. He/She will definitely love this game.

Just download this game in your Smartphone, Use any VR Headset based on Google Cardboard.