Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi Official for ErosNow Android/iOS

Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi official movie based game for Eros Now.

The objective of this game is run as long as possible avoiding all kinds of obstacles on the way.

Happy is running on the streets avoiding obstacles by sliding, single jump and double jump. Avoid obstacles and take coins.

Controls - Swipe up to jump & Swipe down to slide . For double jump swipe twice.



Real Football Fever 2018

Latest real football game with motion capture of all the players and real qualified teams with unique game modes is here with various set of new features! Choose your favorite national team and start attack opponent team to win the entire tournament to show your nationality ranking. All your favorite players are here and start tackle the opponent players and make the best goal ever since made.

You can start with Quick mode where you can practice with your best players before you enter into the grand league mode. Real football is a simulation sports game where you can compete with other team and become a world football champion.


1. Real football game play with real teams
2. Two game modes namely quick mode and world cup tournament / world cup league mode
3. All the real world cup football teams
4. Smooth game play and rich in graphics with football special options like sprint and tackle
5. Presented motion capture of all the football players to make it real movements
6. Team selection, real groupings also included in the game
7. Supported languages: English, French and Arabic
8. Real time Map to show the main player position in the game