Monday, 26 March 2018

Offline Video Ads Android/iOS/WP - Unity Asset Store

1. What is OfflineAds?
OfflineAds allow you to play your own ads when mediation ad is not available or when there is no internet available. No plugin required.

2. Why should you use OfflineAds in your games?
As we know sometimes actual mediation ads are not available. That time it is good practice to show your own other games video ads. And can also play when there is no internet available. This way you can drive more downloads. Yes, when there is no internet, the conversion rate is very less, but Something is better than Nothing.

3.Platform Support
Android (Tested)
iOS (Tested)
Windows Phone (Not Tested, But hopefully It should work)

4. How does it work?
Once implemented, Videos get cached and be there forever until the game get uninstalled. And there are callbacks in the script you can call the method to display the ads anytime.

5. Point of Interest
Rewarded Video: It can play rewarded video offline to reward the user and then Install card will appear.
Interstitial Video: It can play interstitial video and then Install card will appear.
Interstitial Banner: Banner Card will appear
Install Card: This card will appear after video and allow the user to install the game.

6. Technical Support
If you have any questions or suggestions – feel free to drop me a letter:

Documentation Included