Monday, 19 June 2017

Need for Speed Mountain Bus (Android/iOS)

Do you love playing driving simulation games? Do you like buses? If yes, then Mountain Drive is a bus simulator game that you will love.

Mountain Drive is a thrilling bus driving game that you can play for free where you drive a bus through some hills to get to the finishing line.

Features of the drive simulation game are:
• Multilingual – There are various languages that you can select from while starting the driving game. These include English, French, Italian German, Portuguese and Spanish.
• Pick from two views using the camera icon- Driver View or Top View.
• Switch on the headlights as the landscape gets dark or when it starts raining by using the torch icon. There are three different positions that you can give to the headlights.
• Go to the Garage and buy a new bus for better speed, acceleration and handling.
• Earn coins by completing routes with drive simulation
• Use the settings panel to change sound and controls location
• Pause the game in the middle or restart the route at any time
• Engaging and dynamic graphics that will keep you hooked
• Smooth gameplay with challenges and difficulties as you move up in the bus drive game
• Change the bus gear to move the bus backward when required
• Challenging routes with HD graphics. Mountain driving skills with this bus simulator game

The premise of the bus simulator games is simple – You have various controls that you can use to drive the bus and get it to the finish line before the gas runs out. There is a steering wheel that you can use to control and steer the bus. There’s a small accelerator on the side that you have to hold continuously in order to proper the bus forward and there is a button right next to it to stop the bus. The game ends if you run out of gas or if the bus is severely damaged and not able to move.

There are various levels of the steering wheel game and as you finish a route you automatically unlock the next one. If you complete a route then you also earn coins that you can use to buy a new bus from the garage. Play now bus driving simulator game Mountain Drive its FREE!!

This game is family supported game where KIDS, Mixed Audience, Youngsters, Old Aged, Female audience and all can enjoy this game.


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