Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hello Death - By Decimators

Hello Death


Jibran Gillani 
Pranav Trivedi, 
Jamshaid Alam, 
Rahul Kaushik, 
Rahul Raman

Won Us a Runners Up trophy @ Nascomm Game Jam Titans 2014, Bamgalore

The general concept of most games presents users the idea of the user staying alive to win. This game is quite the opposite of what this game has. The idea is that the user has to die in order to win in the game rather than the user staying alive.

The main character is a child. It starts with the child dying in the first scene. And every day, he gets to look at various ways of dying. Each day, whatever way he looks at, he experiences the same in his dreams. This goes on for quite a while. The idea behind this is that the child is on the death bed in the hospital in a coma. And the entire scenario is made so that the child accepts the idea of death.


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