Sunday, 9 November 2014

Game Pitch Video Challenge: Imagine Cup 2015

Game Pitch Video Challenge: Imagine Cup 2015


The name of our game is Medical Emergency, and the concept is all about saving the patient’s life in intense medical emergency condition. Throughout the game, player must save the patient by taking necessary medical steps and procedures, and the genre of the game is strategic and educational.

Game play

The game play of this game is to diagnose the condition of the patient through report and save the patient’s life within given time by applying appropriate and correct medicine at the right time according to their age, gender and other conditions. Check for drug interaction like quantity of drug dose, drug dose frequency and dose interval make the patient feel better within given time.

Target Audience

The target player of the game are: medical professionals, medical students and the audience of 16+ of group age.
This game is user-friendly, interesting and having different modes of emergencies like home, travel and hospitals based emergency. The medicines and injection details are provided within the game.


Technology we are using Microsoft visual Studio C# and 3rd party like

Unity game engine. The game is windows platform.


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