Sunday, 9 November 2014

Fuel Crisis

Fuel Crisis

Days are not far that the world would face energy crisis, it is high time that one needs to develop some new methods for energy supplement. One way is to develop a method to convert plastic wastes into fuel. As we all know that some plastics are recycled but some cannot. To destroy some plastic wastes has effect on the environment and health because by burning it, several toxic gases are formed like dioxins etc. In order to remove pollution problem as well as energy crisis an innovative method by which plastic wastes passes through several steps giving some fuel and toxic gases are reacted with some chemicals to produce an abstract waste. By this method we get some fuels, which do not produce much toxic gases after burning and the toxic material extract is being removed at another place. This method would be much useful for the human beings and it will remove the environmental pollution-problem, which generally occurs due to destruction of waste plastic by burning.  This paper suggests a proper algorithm based upon realistic chemical reactions and proposes a proper design of a device which can do this job. The method has a dual long term prospect to reduce pollution and to meet energy crisis.

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